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Ukogama tokoname tea set


Key features:
  • Artisan craftsmanship: This tea set is a testament to exquisite Tokoname-Yaki artisan craftsmanship. The set includes a roundish clay teapot and two matching cups, each meticulously handcrafted to reflect the rich tradition of Tokoname pottery.
  • Medium size teapot: The teapot is designed in a medium size, ideal for brewing enough tea to fill two cups. Its well-proportioned form ensures a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Made in Tokoname, Aichi: Embrace the authenticity of Japanese tea culture with this set, proudly made in the renowned pottery region of Tokoname, Aichi prefecture. The teapot and cups embody the distinctive characteristics of Tokoname ceramics.
  • Handmade and signed: Each piece in the Ukogama Tokoname Tea Set is not only handmade but also carries the personal touch of the artist. The signature adds a unique and personalized element, making this set a collector's item for tea enthusiasts.
  • Stainless obiami mesh: The integrated mesh inside the kyusu (teapot) is of the stainless obiami type. This mesh allows for easy brewing and filtering of tea leaves, ensuring a smooth and flavorful tea-drinking experience. It is also easy to clean for your convenience.
  • Perfect for various teas: Whether you enjoy green tea, black tea, or other infusions, this set is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of tea types. The clay material enhances the overall tea flavor.
  • Everyday pleasure: Make each tea-drinking session a pleasure with the Ukogama Tokoname Tea Set. Its delightful design and functionality make it an everyday companion for tea enthusiasts.
  • Included 1 teapot and two yunomi tea cups
  • Color: purple and black
  • Dimensions of the teapot: Ø4.6 x H3.3" (Ø11.8 x H8.5 cm)
  • Total volume of the teapot: 12.1 oz (360 ml)
  • Type of filter : obiami 
  • Dimensions of the tea cups: Ø3.6 x H2.1" 9 x H5.3 cm)
  • Total volume of the tea cups: 4 oz (120 ml)
  • Curb weight: 680g
  • Material: clay
  • MADE IN JAPAN in Tokoname

Precautions for use: 
  • Please be aware that the actual color, pattern, shape and size may slightly differ from the pictures shown on this website. It is hand-made by an artist and made from and with natural materials. The products' color is affected by not only the glaze's color but also the clay's color itself. We won’t accept a return for a slight color difference.

  • Dishwasher safe: NO
  • Microwavable: NO
  • Oven safe: NO
  • Do not place near an open flame

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jacob W.
Super fast shipping and amazing

Super fast shipping and amazing teapot! Thank you so much

Beautiful Craftmanship

My tea set arrived quickly to the U.S.A. and was packed well. I absolutely love the craftsmanship that went into it. I definitely recommend this shop.

Linda N.
The tea set was beautiful.

The tea set was beautiful. The quality of the workmanship was outstanding. The contents arrived beautifully packaged and in perfect condition. Very satisfied with the purchase.

Kelsie D.
I was really happy with

I was really happy with the teapot and cup. They came beautifully packaged and of such great quality. Very excited to own such a beauty!

Sarah M.
I haven’t received the tea

I haven’t received the tea pot yet.

Ukogama tokoname tea set Teapot and teaset

Ukogama tokoname tea set